Hello to all,

  I wanted to let our ePiq and IIS members know, who are either coming to the IQ Nexus forum for the first time, or who may be returning for having been away from the IQ community for a while, that both the ePiq and IIS Societies now share a single, common forum between our two respective societies, called the 
IQ Nexus.


 During our discussions both at the ePiq and the IIS forums, we have patiently and collectively asked ourselves, what do we desire to see most? The short answer to this question is we desire to have unbridled dialog without walls and barriers between our respective societies and to have the freedom to combine our thoughts and ideas and to share our resources between our two great societies.


  It is our desire to build an uncompromising foundation, wherein we can actively share both knowledge and ideas in a warm and nurturing environment and it is to this end that we have combined our two respective forums into one single, super forum.  We urge you to return and to seek those things which have both compelled and excited your cognitive passions, just as they do ours.


  We look forward to seeing you in the IQ Nexus.



 Owen Cosby